NumerologyFan would like to point out that there is a period of instability that will affect all of us.  Watch out from 31 January 2021 till about 21 February 2021  The 2 – 3 days before and after 31 January 2021 and 21 February 2021 will be the worst.  You will begin to feel the effect about 10 - 15 days prior to the period mentioned!


Anything that involves communication, contracts, negotiation, perception, thinking, commerce, electrical, transportation, and shipping will be affected.  This is a period whereby phases in conditions are in flux.  We become forgetful, and we send out confusing messages or misunderstand others' messages sent to us.  Things that have been planned or agreed upon may have to be changed, adjusted or delayed.  You may encounter delays, mechanical problems, and cancelled flights, you may want to buy an open return ticket to keep things flexible. Your were making some comments during a meeting and your colleagues misunderstood your meaning.  Never shop for electronics, electrical or any machines with moving parts.  Your computer, palm, mobile phone or other communication devices will give problems.  I had my laptop crashed trice during such periods.  Do your backups now!  For agreements or contracts signed during this period, you may have to renegotiate or issues not stated will arise and give problems later.  Projects that are ongoing get delays.  As for your date with your love ones, either one of you ended up at the wrong place, wrong time or wrong flower……


I had a medical condition during one of the unstable period.  Within the span of 3 weeks, I went to visit the clinic 3 times before I was diagnosed correctly.  I was promptly referred to a medical specialist thereafter.


This is also not a good period to break from your regular routine.  A client who always  walk the stairs when going back home decided to take the lift one day during the unstable period due to tiredness.  The lift broke down and my client was struck in the lift for about an hour in the middle of the night.


It would be a good time to go on vacation, because you'd avoid all the delays happening back home!  However, please plan that holiday with extra contingency!


As such, I would like all of you to exercise extreme caution during this period.  Clarification, reconfirmation and patience are the keys to sail through this period.



NumerologyFan 在此告诉大家在近期有段不顺期间。须注意的期间是20210131日至20210221。其中20210131日和20210221日的前后两至三天最严重。在这的前10 - 15天里,您就开始感受到了。







Went against NumerologyFan Master Jason’s advise and had a new job during the unstable period.  True enough,

as you predicted, there were many problems in the job and I was asked to leave 6 months later.  Once bitten twice

shy..  Seek Master Jason’s advises and now I am in a new job during rather well and happy.      

Mark Lim, 40, Singapore


Hi Jason, I have noted your advise.  My lap top had crashed last week & someone implanted a virus into it also.      

T H Ong, 47, Singapore


Your prediction of the recent "Instability Period" is right on the dot where we witness the downfall of Lehman

Brothers.  I am indeed impressed by your foresight and wisdom in Numerology.       Patrick, 57, Singapore


Yeah, I am already going through tough time now..  Thank you Numerologist Jason for the warning!      

Yati, 41, Singapore

Instability Period to Note!   一段不顺期间