Learn Numerology†† 学习数像学

Levels of Learning: Foundation Proficiency Level Ť Beginner Proficiency Level Ť Intermediate Proficiency Level Ť Advanced Proficiency Level Ť Practitioner Proficiency Level


Objectives to achieve at various Proficiency levels:

Foundation Proficiency Level: [Personalities Analysis using Numerology]

3 Ė 4 hours.Upon completion, able to form a general impression of a person's personalities.Trainees who wish to learn Numerology formally will have to go through this proficiency level.


Beginner Proficiency Level: [Advanced Personalities Analysis using Numerology]

1 day.Upon completion, able to perform a complete & proper name analysis on a person


Intermediate Proficiency Level: [Life Analysis using Numerology]

1 day.Upon completion, able to understand general well being of a person's life, how our names are being blended within our life


Advanced Proficiency Level: [Advanced Life Analysis using Numerology]

2 days.Upon completion, able to understand perform a comprehensive life reading for a person.Students will learn 2 different schools of thoughts in Numerology!


Practitioner Proficiency Level

To equip with skills to be a practitioner, to enable complete appreciating and understanding of a human being



Form your own Group:If you have a group of friends who would like to learn Numerology, form your own group.To maximize learning, ensure that each group not more than 20 trainees

Individual Learning: 1-To-1 learning on a personal coaching!

Focus Group Training:A group of not more than 4 persons, personal coaching, highly interactive!


Customize Learning

If you are organizing some Events, Seminars, Workshops, Companies Dinner & Dances, Functions, Happy Hours, Wine & Dines and etc, NumerologyFan has some specially tailor sessions of various duration to enhance your event and make them unique!You may also like to check with NumerologyFan to come out with something specially just for you.



As an intermediate proficiency level student of the renowned Master Jason, he has brought me to a level whereby I can understand and appreciate what life is all about.He has changed my thoughts and taught me what are the proper approach to life.His patience and reassurance throughout the levels of training are something that I have not be able to find elsewhere.I would highly recommend Master Lau to anyone!†††††† Yvonne, 47, Singapore


In November 2010, I travelled all the way to Singapore from Malacca, Malaysia to attend NumerologyFan Master Jason Lauís Foundation Proficiency Level training.I was touched by his sincerity and patience in correcting my mistakes during the session again and again.He made sure that I had properly understand the lesson before calling it a day.

I am now attending Intermediate Proficiency Level with Master Jason Lau.†††††† Ms Tan, 52, Malacca Malaysia


Your focus group training has allowed me to make use of Numerology in my daily life to understand and appreciate people better.It has enhanced my communication skills to another level.Thank you very much Jason!†††††† Yew Tong, 31, Singapore


你的课程让我了解了数像学的奥妙!†† 陈经理,深圳

学习级别:入门级别 Ť 初学级别 Ť 中等级别 Ť 高等级别 Ť 数像学者级别



入门级别: 《数像学之性格分析》






















在组织活动、公司晚会、社交活动评酒会等的同时,附加数像学讲座使您的活动更加独特!NumerologyFan 有不同的话题、针对不同的时间段的内容共您选择。如果您有特别需求,请和NumerologyFan 联系,NumerologyFan 将会与您一同设计出特别的话题!



Having attended many Numerology courses before, I thought I know a lot and challenged Master Jason in every aspect in Numerology.He was very patient in explaining my questions.Many which I did not understand and remained doubtful.Until I began Intermediate Proficiency Level, he pieced many of the unlink puzzle together, then I began to realize that what I thought I know was really nothing.

Grand Master Jason not only taught Numerology, he also made me realize the key to understanding is being humble!I have since completed Advanced Proficiency Level!Very high quality learning experience.†††††† Peter, 43, Singapore


Your Focus Group Training was really interesting & personal!Now that I have learnt from you, I am now more aware of others around me and has helped me a lot in communicating with others!†††† Fion, 29, Singapore


I attended Master Jasonís one to one lesson and decided to engage this renowned Numerologist to conduct the course for my company.Months that followed, the work environment has improved significantly due to better communications.My sales teamís performance has improved by a lot, bringing sales that exceed their given targets!All thanks to the course that we learnt to make use of Numerology to find out othersí personalities before applying the right techniques to communicate.

For myself, I have just completed my high level proficiency course with Master Jason.I am now able to appreciate life a lot better!†††††† Jeremy Tan, 51, Singapore


Jason present the theory and practical aspect of learning numerology in realistic term, understandable to all. Very down to earth.†††† William, 34, Singapore