If you are organizing some Events, Seminars, Workshops, Companies Dinner & Dances, Functions, Happy Hours, Wine & Dines and etc, NumerologyFan has some specially tailor sessions of various duration to enhance your event and make them unique!  You may also like to check with NumerologyFan to come out with something specially just for you.



We engaged Master Jason of NumerologyFan to Bali for our company’s annual retreat.  Over there, Master Jason conducted for our managers Personality Analysis using Numerology.  His interactive style enabled us to fully grasp the usage of this very powerful tool.  During our happy hours, he sat with each of us to provide personal consultation.  All of us were very happy with the outcome.  We are engaging him again at the end of the year for our annual D&D.  On top of that, we will be engaging him for advanced Numerology training for our key staffs.  We appreciate him for his professionalism and his passion with his work!  All the best to you Master Jason.       Jennifer, HR Director


Our company invited Master Jason to Kuala Lumpur to participate in our yearly expert knowledge theme.  We were all amazed with the relevance and accuracy of the name analysis!  The case studies showed to us brew away any doubts we have had..       Chan, Managing Director


Our Company invited Mr Jason Lau to speak at the Chinese New Year 2009 Happy Hour.  Before the talk, Numerology was a complete mystery to our staff, but Jason was very patient and provided a thorough and simple explanation on the 'wonders of the numbers'.  Our staff enjoyed the entertaining yet enlightening discourse by Jason, who displayed his wealth of knowledge and expertise in Numerology and Palmistry.  We thank Jason for his time and efforts and look forward to inviting him back to our future Company events.       Lavita Goh, HRM


Your Focus Group Training was really interesting & personal!  Now that I have learnt from you, I am now more aware of others around me and has helped me a lot in communicating with others!     Fion, 29, Singapore


We were pleased to engaged the best Numerologist in Singapore, Master Jason of NumerologyFan to Jakarta to provide Numerology events for our 3 days regional retreats.  Despite some language barriers, Master Jason was able to overcome them all and even won over some of the people who were doubtful initially.  The way he conducted himself and his professionalism demonstrated deep knowledge of the subject!         Wij, Manager Director

在组织活动、公司晚会、社交活动评酒会等的同时,附加数像学讲座使您的活动更加独特!NumerologyFan 有不同的话题、针对不同的时间段的内容共您选择。如果您有特别需求,请和NumerologyFan 联系,NumerologyFan 将会与您一同设计出特别的话题!



We invited the great Numerologist from NumerologyFan back again for our annual D&D last year.  Jason gave us a enlightening and interesting speech on what to expect in the year of Tiger.  Staying back after the speech to provide consultation for our company staffs well after the end of the party.  Following good reviews, we are engaging Jason for this year to train our staffs on Numerology Personality Analysis training.  We are also including him for all the company events for this year!  This is one very sincere and humble Numerologist despite his great knowledge!  Well done!       Winston, Managing Director


Your sincere attitude towards everyone made our company very comfortable to engaged you!  Appraisals from our clients have been very positive and will look into engaging you for further events for sure!  Tks Jason!     Belle, Event Company, Singapore

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