Who is NumerologyFan?    NumerologyFan介绍


Jason Lau, Singaporean.  First learnt Numerology in 1999 as a hobby.  He has been practicing Numerology, Palmistry and Vedic Astrology professionally under the name NumerologyFan in Hong Kong & China since 2003, currently based in Singapore.  With his expertise in Numerology, Jason is able to accurately consulted clients in understanding themselves.  His clients include prominent businessmen, professionals, politicians, celebrities, royalty households.  Companies employing high position professionals also engaged him and seek advice on potential candidates’ suitability.  He has also gone to India to engage renowned masters in this field to further his skills and knowledge.  With over 10 years of studies, Jason’s reputation has earned him loyal clients from South East Asia & Europe!


In 2006, Jason designed a course [Personality Analysis Using Numerology].  This course can be claimed to be a World’s First in allowing laymen and corporate to learn Numerology’s Personality Analysis!  The course was structured in very simple layman format to allow everyone to understand and apply on a daily basis.  This course was originally taught in 2006 in Hong Kong and China.  The responses were fantastic!  This course was originally created for corporate and it has since revolved to include individuals.  The course has since been revised many times and was first introduced to Singapore in 2008.  Jason is able to conduct this course in English and Mandarin.  Corporate and individuals from Malaysia, Indonesia and other regions have invited him to conduct the course in the respective countries.  This course serves as prerequisite for students who are learning Numerology before proceeding to higher proficiency levels.


Jason is also invited to speak & participate at various events and seminars.  Since his debut in Singapore, Jason has been interviewed by various Medias such as the Singapore Press Holdings, 8 Days magazine and online portals.


Jason is serious and strict.  However, his humor, coolness and logical way have earned many praises and respects from his clients and trainees.  He is known to be one of the most patient Numerologist around!


Mr. Jason Lau(刘德明),新加坡籍。1999年由于兴趣爱好学习数像学。自2003年正式以NumerologyFan 在香港和中国为他人提供专业数像学服务。精通数像学的他,能准确详细的进行个人性格分析。他的客户包括著名人士、企业家、专业人员、政治家、艺人、皇室成员等。此外,企业在招聘高级人员时,常邀请他协助为候选人进行分析,以确定候选人是否合适。为了使自己钻研更为深入,Jason(刘德明)甚至到印度邀请名师亲自指导,授教,获益匪浅。至今已有10年的研究,Jason在数像学的了解已经使他在东南亚、澳美拥有忠实的客户群!Jason也掌握了掌像学和印度星像学来配合他的数像学运用!


2006年,Jason(刘德明)亲自设计了一门 《数像学之性格分析》课程。课程可称为世界唯一能让普通人和企业来掌握的性格分析课程!课程的设计使用简单术语来解释,好让每个学员都能够明白和运用。此课程在香港和中国在2006年创办,反应非常热烈!课程初步创办时是针对企业运用的,目前本课程已经能够运用于企业、甚至个人运用。课程内容已经经过多次更新,在2008年,Jason(刘德明)将本课程介绍到新加坡。目前,Jason(刘德明)能运用英语和华语来进行这课程。目前本课程也在马来西亚和印尼为企业和个人进行上课。此课程也是学习数像学学员所必修的基础课程。