365 Daily Forecast Report   365天每日运辰分析报告

Your very personalized 365 Days Daily Forecast Report helps you to understand and anticipate what is about to happen.  Allows you to plan and ride that wave for good news.  In bad news, enable you to prepare preventive measures to minimize damages.

Your 365 Days Daily Forecast Report is created and personalized base on your individual birth information.  It comes with detail instructions on how to use it to ensure that you reap maximum out of it!


2024, 365 Days Daily Forecast Report  (USD 38 / SGD 45)

- Your yearly summarize forecast

- Your monthly summarize forecast

- Your daily forecast

This analysis is about 29 pages        (English or Chinese Version)


Extends to December 2025 - $80


Daily Forecast Report for Life (USD 560 / SGD 650)

- Your yearly summarize forecast

- Your monthly summarize forecast

- Your daily forecast

- A 300 page high quality (to ensure longevity of your report) coloured printout book

inclusive of postage

This analysis is about 340 pages        (English or Chinese Version)



Your predictions was correct on my birthday!  "Imaginative, generous, many friends, adaptable, creative, etc"!  Thanks!       Yati, 38, Singapore


I made an effort to follow the Daily Forecast and to my surprise it was uncunningly accurate!!  It is indeed a useful tool in helping me make good decisions and cautions me against potential obstacles.  The Daily Forecast makes me better managed my daily life!       Patrick, 58, Singapore


Master Jason, your 365 Daily Forecast Report is amazingly précised!  Last week, I had a bad day at work, returning home and read your forecast, its all there.  Had I followed your advises to read and plan my days,  I would not have suffered.  Now, I am planning my days accordingly to your advises.         Sebastian Oh, 34, Singapore


The accuracy of this personalised Daily Forecast Report is really eye opening for myself and my family.  We have been a regular subscriber since 2006.       Suslie, 38, Indonesia


The 365 Daily Forecast Report is one of my to have item when I plan my daily routines.  It is so accurate that I am truly amazed by it.  Thank you Master Jason!       Mandy, 43, Signapore





 (38美元 / 45新币)

- 您的年度运辰分析

 - 您的12月份运辰分析

- 您的每日运程分析

此分析报告大约29         (中、英文版)


延续至202512 - $80


终生每日运辰报告(560美元 / 650新币)

- 您的年度运辰分析

- 您的12月份运辰分析

- 您的每日运程分析

- 高质量(确保您报告的长久性)彩色印刷书本还包括邮费

此分析报告大约340         (中、英文版)



I have followed your Daily Forecast report faithfully everyday and it has really helped in my daily life.  It is amazing that Numerology can reveal that much about ourselves!
  Eunice Tay, 31, Malaysia


This is my 6th year buying your Daily Forecast & Daily Lucky Numbers Forecast from Master Jason.  Very accurate, precise, spot on!     Devi, 38, Singapore


That faithful day where everything went against me, I went back to read the forecast and my goodness!  Its all written there!!  Now, I am following your advises in using this Daily Forecast Report to my advantages!  It has been very helpful to me.  Thank you Master Jason!  Toh, 60, Singapore


I tested the famous Singapore Numerologist, Master Jason’s 365 Days Forecast Report and the 365 Days Lucky Numbers Forecast Report to great details.  I am convinced that it has helped in my daily lives so much that I am ordering both for my whole family!       CT Wen, 40, Singapore


Master Jason’s  Daily Forecast Report is amazingly accurate.  I am impressed!!       Santhi, 34, Singapore