365 Daily Lucky Numbers Report   365天每日幸运号码分析报告

All of us have 2 sets of Lucky Numbers, one that is constant throughout our life and the other set that is dynamic on a regular basis.


Make full use of your Lucky Numbers everyday to buy that lottery tickets of yours, reserve a seat number with your Lucky Number for a flight, train and etc.


Your 365 Days Daily Lucky Numbers Forecast Report is created and personalized base on your individual birth information.  It comes with detail instructions on how to use it to ensure that you reap maximum out of it!


2024, 365 Days Daily Lucky Number Forecast Report

     (USD 38 / SGD 45)

- Your life time lucky numbers forecast

- Your yearly lucky numbers forecast

- Your monthly lucky numbers forecast

- Your daily lucky numbers forecast

This analysis is about 11 pages   (English or Chinese Version)


Extends to December 2025 - $80



I used your Daily Lucky Number Forecast report to buy 4Ds.  During the 7th weeks of using, I strike the 3rd prize winning me some decent money.  Thank you NumerologyFan!       Cindy Oh, 56, Singapore


I strike TOTO twice since using your Daily Lucky Number Forecast and Daily Forecast.  Very accurate and helpful to me.  Thank you Master NumerologyFan        Fred Tan, 43, Singapore


Using your 365 Days Daily Lucky Numbers and 365 Days Daily Forecast reports, I have been lucky many times during my trips to the casino.  Than you very much Master Jason of NumerologyFan.       Cathy, 51, Singapore


Last Saturday my Daily Forecast Report indicated that I would be lucky, I purchased a few sets of numbers based on your Daily Lucky Numbers Forecast.  I won 2nd prize that day!  You have my respect Master Jason!       TK Woon, 41, Singapore








(38美元 / 45新币)

 - 您的人生吉祥号码分析

 - 您的年度吉祥号码分析

 - 您的12月份吉祥号码分析

 - 您的每日吉祥号码分析

此分析报告大约11     (中、英文版)


延续至202512 - $80



Master Jason’s Daily Lucky Number Forecast Report is fantastic!  I am using it together with the Daily Forecast Report.  Not only it helps in my personnel life, but it also gives me some great winnings at 4Ds, TOTOs and casinos.  For those with speculation lucks, please go to Jason for these reports!  You will be rewarded for sure!!       Amy Feng, 34, Singapore


I tested the famous Singapore Numerologist, Master Jason’s 365 Days Forecast Report and the 365 Days Lucky Numbers Forecast Report to great details.  I am convinced that it has helped in my daily lives so much that I am ordering both for my whole family!       CT Wen, 40, Singapore


Purchased your 365 Daily Lucky Numbers Report and 365 Daily Auspicious Days Report.  On the days you prescribed to be good, I followed your advises to purchase my 4Ds numbers.  The whole year, I have won 7 times, winnings of over 65K.  Great reports!       Ah Huat, 35, Singapore