Corporate Services†† 企业咨询服务

Compatible Simple Analysis Report

A rating of 1 - 10 will be given to gauge compatibility with the company or his direct boss.


Compatible Detailed Analysis Report

Up to 20 pages of report to tell you about the compatibility of the employee with the company or his direct boss.


Personality Analysis Report

Up to 10 pages of report to tell you about the personís personality.


Job Suitability Simple Analysis Report

A rating of 1 - 10 will be given to gauge suitability against job description.


Job Suitability Detailed Analysis Report

Up to 5 pages of report to tell you about the personís suitability in performing his present or expected job responsibility, what are his strengths, weaknesses against his job description and etc.


Panel Interview

Need opinions when interviewing high-level candidates?NumerologyFan acts as one of your panel members during the interviewing process.At the end of the session, NumerologyFan will provide personality traits of each interviewers.


Company Name Suggestions

Being the Naming Specialist in the metaphysics world, NumerologyFan provides company name suggestion services here to ensure that your business will prosper.


Company Logo Design

A good company logo design will enable us to bring out the companyís internal energies to push the company forward!


Company Name Card Design

A good company name card design will enhance the energies level of the companies in all areas.This will ensure harmonies within the company.For various staffs, enhance their potential!



Following good reviews, we engaged Jason again from NumerologyFan for our company function.His professionalism and dedication touched all of our staffs, clients and suppliers, staying on when all others have left to answer all questions tirelessly.And the queue before him was the longest, people did not mind queuing for hours!I was very impressed!†††† Cecilia, Director HR, Singapore


We engaged the famous Numerologist from Singapore, Master Jason to assist in screening of candidates for a senior position.His prior experience in management and his Numerology skills enabled him to provide unmatched and unbias recommendations.

We questioned one of his judgements on one candidate, he suggested that we recalled the candidate and during the subsequent interview, fired off some questions that eventually unveiled the truth and proved that his initial judgement was right.We were truly amazed !†††††† Alvin, CEO, Singapore


We consulted NumerologyFan on the possibilities of a joint venture with another company.Master Jason warned us against so.Using his experience from his consultancy business before, he suggested us to perform additional due diligence with specific focus on some areas.True enough, after further due diligence, we managed to uncover more information that convinced us to abort this venture.†††††† TE Wang, President, Singapore

















在招聘高级职位时需要针对候选人进行人品上的建议吗?NumerologyFan 在小组面试时兼当你们的组员。在面试后帮助您提供候选人的人品分析工作。



号称玄学界的命名专家NumerologyFan 专提供自己公司起个好名字以保证生意兴隆!









We have been engaging NumerologyFan to provide consultancy services for us company since 2004.One particular incident that was worth highlighted here.We were evaluating a few companies about engaging them as a local distributor.We called Master Jason for his recommendations from his point of view.Somehow, one of the companies he picked up was deem not short listed by us.Today, the company that he picked up is the top performer among all the companies we engaged.It has been so for the past 4 years.†††††† Mr Wang, Managing Director, Shanghai China


Master Jasonís professionalism really impressed all of us in the company!His acute analysis of our companyís situation and his knowledge of corporate life enable him to blend everything together.This has allowed us to better understand and made strategic adjustments for our company direction.†††††† Widya, 43, Indonesia