The name is the tools to navigate through ones life destiny.  As such, having the right tools from the beginning is very important.


Being the Name Specialist or Naming Specialist in the metaphysics world, NumerologyFan provides various forms of name suggestion services for new born here.



After your child is born, provide the child’s date of birth (Gregorian Calendar).  NumerologyFan will tell you what path your child is destined. 

Based on this information, NumerologyFan will provide you with up to 3 most suitable names for you to select.

NumerologyFan will also requires the full names (as in birth certificate) and date of birth (Gregorian Calendar) of both parents.

This service includes “Auspicious Dates Selection” to formally use the names worth USD 75 / SGD 100.

Fee: USD 85 / SGD 110





Please inform NumerologyFan what types of names (Chinese or English) are required.  Once the name has been shortlisted, NumerologyFan will email over the names.  If additional names are required, additional SGD25 applies per name.


Your report will be sent by email.  For face to face appointment to clarify the report, additional SGD25 applies.



When my first child was born, we engaged a master to come out with a baby name for my son.  A name was given and as we subsequently made further enquiries, we were told that just use the name and it will do the child good..

4 years later, I became pregnant with my second child.  I have since been skeptical with engaging a master.  However, a friend of mine recommended master Jason to me.  She said that just give him a call and see if you are comfortable or not, he is one unique Numerologist from Singapore.  I made a call to master Jason thereafter and found that he was very patient in answering all my queries. I proceed on to engage him.  When the names were ready, he not only gave me the lists of recommendations in a report format, beside each names, a details notes of the various aspects in the name.  All these were very helpful to my husband and me in our final decisions in settling the baby name.  His patient and professionalism is such that no Numerologist in Singapore can match.  I have since recommended 2 of my friends to master Jason for baby names recommendations.  Thank you master!       Wendy Ko, 27, Singapore

Name Suggestions for New Born Services   宝宝起名服务



号称玄学界的命名专家NumerologyFan 专为新生的孩子们提供一系列的起名字服务。



孩子出生后,提供孩子的出生日期(公历)。NumerologyFan 会告诉您孩子的人生方向在哪。

根据此信息,NumerologyFan 会提供多达3个最适合的名字供您选择。

NumerologyFan 将需要双方父母亲的姓名和出生日期(公历)。


费用:85美元 / 110新币





NumerologyFan 告知您需要为你们的孩子取中文还是英文姓名。名字选择好后,NumerologyFan 会通过邮件将名字发出。如需要更多名字建议,每名字25新元





Order the full package for my first child from Master Jason Lau.  The names suggested came with detail analysis of the personalities.  The consultation allowed us to fully understand the destiny of our son.  This allows us to plot our son’s journey and to take preventive measures for any obstacles that he will face in life.  Very detail and informative!      Christine, 31, Singapore


I engaged NumerologyFan ‘s service to come up with recommended names for the birth of my second child.  The detail and easy to read report over the various names recommended was what set Master Jason’s service different from others.  I was amazed that he is so young when I first visited him.  This is one Numerologist who will go very far in the years to come!       Catherine Yong, 31, Singapore