Auspicious Dates Selection Service   选择吉祥日子服务



NumerologyFan 有帮助您选择最适合的日子!



(每一个日子分析7.5美元 / 10新币)

选择吉祥日是确保所将发生的事务的顺畅程度提升。提供NumerologyFan 您选择好的日子,NumerologyFan 会告诉您这些日子是否适合。


吉祥日选择 (85美元 / 110新币)

NumerologyFan 会根据您所指定的期间选择一系列的日子。一系列是最适合和不适合的日子好让您做出适当的决定



  (50美元 / 65新币)



 Y 您的12月份吉祥运辰分析

 Y 您的每日吉祥运程分析

此分析报告大约11         (中、英文版)


延续至202512 - $108


Getting engaged? Getting marriage?  Wanting to move house?  Job interview?  Starting a new job?  Giving birth?  Opening for business?  Signing an important contract? Planning an important event?


Selecting an Auspicious Date is one of the most important factors in ensuring success for the particular event.  Let NumerologyFan helps you to select the best dates for you.


Auspicious Date Analysis

(USD 7.50 / SGD 10, 1 date checking)

Provides NumerologyFan the dates that you have planned.  NumerologyFan will let you know if these dates are alright.


Auspicious Date Selection (USD 85 / SGD 110)

NumerologyFan will provide a series of dates for your decision makings.  Primary and secondary auspicious dates and inauspicious dates to avoid.


2024, 365 Days Daily Auspicious Days Forecast Report

   (USD 50 / SGD 65)

Your 365 Days Daily Auspicious Days Forecast Report is a personalised “tong shu 通书, colour code report telling you the various auspicious days for various activities.  It also advise on the inauspicious days so that you can lay low.

Your 365 Days Daily Auspicious Days Forecast Report also comes with detail instructions on how to use it to ensure that you reap maximum out of it!

 Y Your monthly auspicious forecast

 Y Your daily auspicious forecast

This analysis is about 11 pages        (English or Chinese Version)


Extends to December 2025 - $108