Foundation Proficiency Level : [Personalities Analysis Using Numerology


Course Background

Numerology’s simple mathematical bases its startling revelations on over 11,000 years of existence.  It is a down-to-earth, straight forward, speedy system for self-examination and charting opportunities.  Prehistoric, ancient Greek, and Elizabethan-Age societies all recognized its efficacy.  Clan leaders, philosophers and priests throughout the ages have organised its psychical information.  With its high accuracy, it can helps enable professionals to fully utilize it in our modern competitive environment.  As in [The Art of War] by Sun Tzu stated: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”.  To ensure your success, make use of Numerology to assist you in understanding yourself and others!


Duration: 2 - 4 Hours


Training Objective

- Understand why there is a need to know others characters

- Understand the history & applications of Numerology

- Understand the formulas within Numerology

- Understand the rules within Numerology

- Understand the theory of Characteristics Analysis

- Understand how to describe a character

- Understand the flaws of a person

- Understand why our first impression is not accurate

- Understand the internal desire of a person

- Understand how to employ the right employee for various job position

- Understand how to communicate with various personality types


Training Contents

- What is Numerology?

- The abilities of Numerology & how wide it spans

- Modern application of Numerology

- How to apply Characteristic Analysis

- Formulas in Numerology

- Characteristics Analysis


If session is more than 3 hours: includes Self experiencing the power of Numerology







培训时间:2 - 4小时



- 了解为什么有必要了解他人的性格

- 了解数像学测试的历史、属性与运用领域

- 掌握数像学固定的计算公式

- 掌握数像学分析的规格

- 了解数像学性格分析的原理

- 明白数像学分析的描述特征

- 了解人性的缺点

- 了解为什么第一印象都是不正确的

- 了解人性的内心世界

- 了解如何选择适合的人

- 了解如何运用不同的沟通方式来和不同个性的人进行沟通



- 什么是数像学

- 数像学的能力到底有多广

- 数像学在当前的运用

- 如何运用数像学进行性格分析

- 数像学固定的计算公式

- 数像学分析的规格