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5月和9月份的不稳定期间的详细信息可 在这里详细阅读。

16 April 2009 - Sin Ming Daily News, Fann Wong & Christopher Lee Marriage

Interviewing on the intended wedding for Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. Also, some information on Unstable Period.


Christopher & Fann Problems After Marriage, Christopher May Encounter Third Party

The marriage of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong is very much watched by members of the public. However, Numerologist Jason Lau mentioned that based on their date of birth, the year they were together and their intended registered date 16 May 2009, they may encounter some difficulties in their marriage, to the extend of having a third party appearing!

However, Jason has mentioned that 11 October is a good day for marriage.


Best to Prepare Marriage Registration Procedure before May 2009

Jason mentioned that in the month of May and September in 2009 are months of many changes, it's a wild card situation whereby anything goes. As such, registration of marriage on the 16 May and banquet on the 29 September is inauspicious.

In order to ensure that the marriage goes smoothly, Jason advised that they complete their preparations before May and September respectively. Otherwise, coming to the two unstable months, sudden events that may occur may made them difficult to react.


Further Elaborations

The marriage problem indicated are used as illustrations purpose. Without looking at their exact birth data, the exact problem cannot be determined. The third party mentioned for Christopher does not necessarily mean another woman. It can also mean members from the family, their common friends coming in between them.

The unstable period mentioned for May & September 2009 can be read further here.