STOMPer Jason, a practioner of numerology, the study of numbers and how they affect a person's life, believes that the many occurrences of the numbers 4 and 8 in the recent tourist bus hijack incident in Manila might have led to its tragic outcome.


Eight Hong Kong tourists were left dead after disgruntled ex-policeman Rolando Mendoze took the passengers hostage before opening fire.   It was his desperate bid to get his job back.

These are some of the points STOMPer Jason mentioned after studying the occurrences of the numbers 4 and 8 in the case:


"In Chinese perspective, 4 is usually associated with bad luck due to its pronunciation 'say' in Cantonese and “si” in mandarin. It means death. The 8, 'fa' in both languages means prosperity.


"8 in its 'good' extreme bring prosperity. However, in its 'bad' extreme, brings disaster and unexpected outcomes. Being divisible of 8, 4 inherits a portion of these elements.


"The date on the 23 August itself, the day and month adds to a 4 (2+3+8 = 13, 1+3 = 4).


"The dismissed Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza who took over a tour bus in Rizal Park, Manila had a 4 when his name is being tabulated. In his birth date, 10 October 1955 it is a 4 (1+0+1+0+1+9+5+5 = 22, 2+2 = 4), when the numbers added up. Adding both the name and birth date gives 8.


"On that morning when he hijacked a tour bus carrying 25 tourists from Hong Kong in an attempt to get his job back. He became the 26th person on board. 2+6 = 8.


"When the last of the hostages were released at 4pm, there were 16 hostages on board. 16 is divisible by 4 and 8. When Rolando Mendoza was included, it became 17. 1+7 = 8.


"Shots were heard and the bus driver, Alberto Lubang escaped the bus through the window on 1930 hours. 1+9+3+0 = 13, 1+3 = 4.


"At 7:37pm (7+3+7 = 17, 1+7 = 8), assault teams began to surround the bus.


"Rolando Mendoza’s lifeless body was seen hanging out the door of the bus at 2043 (2+0+4+3 = 9) hours. Numerology’s interpretation of 9 means completion and ending.


"The whole situation ended with the death of Rolando. On the day itself, He was also going through a 9th personal day, a day of ending.


Of the 8 hostages who were killed, 4 of them whose names added up gave 8. The only hostage whose birth detail was available, Masa Ting Chunn Tse, the tour guide was born on the 05 September 1979 (5+9+1+9+7+9 = 40, 4+0 = 4).


"His name added to 8. His funeral on the 05 September 2010 adds to 8. Therefore, it will not be surprising that among all the killed hostages, there will be elements of 4s or 8s in their names or birth details.


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