There is a way to forecast your destiny this year. Think a yearly horoscope based on numbers. Here’s how:

Step 1: Add the day and month of your birth and the current year. (Eg. If your birthday is Dec 31, it’s 31 + 12 + 2011 = 2054)

Step 2: Break up the numbers into individual digits and add these up. (Eg. 2 + 0 + 5 + 4 = 11)

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until you get a single digit. This will be between 1 and 9, and is your number for this year. It will offer you a brief snapshot of what to expect in the year ahead.



Standfirst: Is it your year to shine? Or should you hide under a rock till December 31? Numerologist Jason Lau predicts your 2011 based on your number this year. To calculate this, see the instructions on the previous page. Good luck.


1 This is a year of new beginnings and physical strength. It’s a good year to make major changes in your life. Continue to let go of the unwanted for the first eight months, and review everything come September, before implementing other changes.


2 This is a year of many frustrations and obstacles. Persevere and you will arrive at your destination. If you choose to give up along the way, you’ll end up with nothing.


3 This is a very happy and social year, and you will enjoy success on the personal front. Business and finance-wise, things may not be as good, due to too much enjoyment and scattering of your energies.


4 This is a year to focus on your career. Place all other commitments in the background. Do not expect immediate recognition or rewards from your hard work, however. You will only reap the fruits of your labour up to four years later.


5 You will experience much movement this year, from business travels and moving houses to getting many invitations from friends. This is a time for letting loose and moving away from old routines.


6 This is a year for personal relationships. For singles, this is a good time to find your special someone. If you’re attached, you may like to tie the knot. Watch your health though — there may be some issues to take care of.


7 Make use of this year for self-reflection, to acquire knowledge, and to sort out issues you’ve been trying to figure out.


8 This is a year of good harvest for the hard work you’ve put in in previous years. But expect high expenditure. This is not a good year for you to lend money to others, as the chances of the loans being returned are low.


9 This is a tough year of endings — from physical items to mindsets and relationships. Do not attempt anything new — such as buying a new home, getting married, or starting a new relationship, as they may not last. You will reach rock bottom sometime in September, but it’s uphill from there.


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The No. 1 question: What is numerology? Think fengshui, but with numbers. It’s a meta-science system that can calculate your wealth potential, health risks and a plethora of other essential info, based on the time and date of your birth. A numerologist can also tell you if a car, house or telephone number will improve things or clash terribly with other digits in your life. Obviously, all this is extremely complicated to calculate, so we’ve tried to simplify things. Here are a few generic tips that apply to everyone. Count away…



We thought we could all be instant millionaires, if Jason would just grant us the winning 4D number. But alas, there’s no such thing. Whether you’ll strike 4D or not depends on your “winning luck,” which differs from person to person. He may be able to tell give you four numbers based on stuff like your birth numbers and the time of year, but if you have no winning luck, you won’t win. Don’t ask us how it works.



These numbers may not be as auspicious or wretched as you think. While 8 means prosperity for the Chinese, there’s apparently a flip-side to the number — along with luck and wealth, it can also bring tragedy and disaster. If you want to associate with the number, be ready to accept the bad that may come with it. Also, according to numerology, the numbers 4 and 13 carry no sinister significance. 



These months are unstable periods this year, and may cause communication-related problems. On the personal front, it may mean your hot date will bail on you. Business-wise, deals may be affected.


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