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Numerology Guide for Home Settings in 2013!!



Calculation for Personal Year in 2013


Step 1: Add your day and month of birth with 2013

Step 2: Break up the sums into individual numbers & add them

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until you get a single digit


Eg: Assume your date of birth is 31 December.


Step 1: 31 + 12 + 2013 = 2056

Step 2: 2 + 0 + 5 + 6 = 13

Step 3: 1 + 3 = 4 (your personal year for 2013)


Year Number


Good Months


Great year to initial anything.

September onwards


A year of many delays and thus frustrations. Your favorite material may be out of stock. Your documents may get delayed due to a missing signature. Bear with it; you will get what you wish in the end!

April & August


This is a year whereby you sit back, socialise and express yourself. If you plan to invite your friends to your house, perhaps see if there are any needs for some minor touch up. You may need to purchase more glassware, furniture and etc to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable time at your home!

Late March, 1st half July & December


Your career will be your primary focus. Why not go all out to pursue your career dream? If your career is home based, see what furnishing you will need to boost your work efficiency.

Early February, June & 2nd half November


A year of movement. In movement, it can mean moving home. If you are thinking of moving home, go ahead. Or move about to check out anything that can brighten up your home!

January, May, September & 1st half October


This is a domestic year for you. Anything from moving home to renovation will be very great this year!

April & September


You will be much redrawn. People will notice that you are quieter than usual. If you feel that you may want to spend more time at home, get whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, be it buying a comfy sofa or upgrading your television set.

2nd half March, August & December


Your expenses will be high. In that case, spend wisely, on items that youíve always wanted and needed. Upgrade that kitchen set of yours. Or pay that deposit for your dream home!

1st half February & August


This is not a year for moving home or doing any renovations. Remember whatever you do will not last here!