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Know Your Lucky Colors by using Numerology


While everyone can technically wear any colour that one prefers, there are specific colours in the colour wheel that are more suitable for one's personality that can help enhance and bring out your hidden luck.


By channeling the colours that are perfect for you, your lucky colours can protect you by blocking out the negative energies in your life as well.


Find out your lucky colors and incorporate them into your daily life through the dresses, bags, accessories you pick.

Calculation of Day Number

Step 1: Break up your day of birth into individual numbers and add them

Step 2: Repeat step 1 until you get a single digit


Example: Assume your day of birth is 29

Step 1: 2 + 9 = 11

Step 2: 1 + 1 = 2 (your Day Number)


1. You can rock all shades of gold, yellows, bronze to golden brown


2. All shades of creams, greens and whites will work well, but avoid all dark colors, especially blacks, purples and dark reds


3. Mauve, violet, purple, blue, crimson, rose will bring out your hidden luck


4. Half shades, half tones, light colors, bright colors, bright blues, grays are your best bets


5. All shades of light grey, white and glistening materials are perfect for you, but it is best to avoid dark colors at all times


6. All shades of blue, pink or rose will bring out your luck.. Avoid blacks and dark purples at all costs


7. Greens, pale shades, whites, yellows will be good for you. Avoid all heavy dark colors at all times


8. All shades of dark grey, black, dark blue, purple is best for you


9. Opt for shades of dark crimson or red, rose tones and pink for luck