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I find Master Jason very honest and direct in his readings.Not only he accurately foretold what was to happen to my husband and myself, he also gave practical advises on preventive measures.Thumb up!†††††† Alicia Khor, 37, Singapore


I attended Master Jasonís one to one lesson and decided to engage this renowned Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer to conduct the course for my company.Months that followed, the work environment has improved significantly due to better communications.My sales teamís performance has improved by a lot, exceeding given targets!All thanks to the course that we learnt to make use of Numerology to find out othersí personalities before applying the right techniques to communicate.

I have completed my high proficiency level.I am now able to appreciate life a lot better!†††††† Jeremy Tan, 51, Singapore


Master Jason's analysis gave me the awareness of any crisis or opportunities that happen in our life is due to our karma.Thanks for your analysis that help me to make inform decisions in life.†††††† Zach Chia, 38, Singapore


Jason, Numerologist, Palmist & Astrologer from NumerologyFan appears to me a young lad but when I spent my 1 hour consultation with him, I find my secrets being revealed by him.

I tested him & denied the events but he insisted it happened. From domestic to work, to love life & wow I had been consulting others in Hongkong & Singapore, nothing come so close. Go for it!†††††† T H Ong, 49, Singapore


I made an effort to follow the Daily Forecast & to my surprise it was uncunningly accurate!!It is indeed a useful tool in helping me make good decisions and cautions me against potential obstacles.The Daily Forecast makes me better managed my daily life!†††††† Patrick, 58, Singapore


Our Company invited Mr Jason Lau to speak to our engineering staff at the CNY Happy Hour.Before the talk, Numerology was a complete mystery to our staff, but Mr Lau was very patient and provided a thorough and simple explanation on the 'wonders of the numbers'.Our staff enjoyed the entertaining yet enlightening discourse by Mr Lau, who displayed his wealth of knowledge and expertise in Numerology and Palmistry.We thank Mr Lau for his time and efforts and look forward to inviting him back to our future Company events.†††††† HR Director, Singapore

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